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KeČ Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions that apply when you do business with KeČ

I offer my services as a monthly or annual contract. All annual contracts are currently 10 times the monthly price. So you get 12 months for the price of 10 when you pay in advance.

Because these are services, there are no returns. But the following terms and conditions apply to renewals and cancellations:

  1. All services are renewed automatically unless you cancel.
  2. Each month is charged in full at commencement except for the 2 free months at the end of the year.
  3. There are no refunds for any contracts. So make sure you arrange your cancellation before my automatic renewal takes place.

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KeČ Privacy Policy

Internet Privacy is a vital consideration for all business managers who host websites. Or if they are contemplating starting a new business website. So you really should learn about privacy at KeČ But more importantly, you should learn how to implement an effective Privacy Policy for your own website(s).

However, learning about general privacy laws, rules, and best practices is beyond the scope of this page. So I will add links to useful resources later. In the meantime, you can ask me for more information using the Feedback Form below. Including help with applying your own privacy settings on your Internet device, browser, router, and any other part of the connection between you and KeČ

Using KeČaTa

About KeČ

This section of the website is not directly about hosting and business website management. Because I use these pages to explain what KeČaTa is. Also, how you can use this website in the best way.

Using KeČaTa

Contact KeČ

KeČ is owned and run by Keith Taylor.

How to Contact Keith Taylor at KeČ

I route all my emails about this site through my Helpdesk – Keith’s Internet Support Service. Because that service maintains a support ticket system that ensures I deal with your concerns on time.

Now I’m happy to follow-up issues by phone, text, video, or even snail mail. But you should make our first contact through that helpdesk.

Please note that the Feedback Form at the bottom of each page also uses my helpdesk. As do replies to email notifications from my update service. So it’s very easy for you to contact me. Because I welcome your questions, experiences, and opinions about hosting business websites. Or about anything else for that matter.

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Using KeČaTa

Purpose of KeČ

The purpose of this website is to explain the hosting services available from KeČaTa – Keith Taylor’s Business Website Publishing Company.

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KeČaTa Hosting

Fast Safe Managed WordPress Hosting

Though this site isn’t ready yet, you can get the best business website hosting right now.

For payment in US Dollars, the cost is $70 per year. Or you can pay monthly at $7 per month. Or for GB Pounds, the equivalents are £50/year and £5/month.

To start the process, please leave a message in the Feedback Form below. Then I’ll get back to you to arrange your new website. Or to arrange your transfer from your current host.